Welcome to Episode 390 of the Ice Cream Convos Podcast!

In this episode, Xaviera and Karla dive deep into the world of hip-hop beef, starting with the legendary Kendrick Lamar versus Drake feud and the ripple effect it had on other artists like The Game, Rick Ross, King Combs, 50 Cent, Meek Mill, and Soulja Boy.

They unpack the drama, the music, and the aftermath of these intense rivalries.

But it's not all about music drama. Xaviera and Karla also tackle viral moments, including the controversial story of a teacher allowing his students to take down his braids.

They discuss the impact of such gestures and how they resonate beyond social media.

On a more somber note, the hosts provide an update on the Briana Winston case, sharing the latest developments in this heartbreaking story.

Additionally, they delve into the tragic police shooting of Senior Airman Roger Fortson, offering insights and reflections on this devastating event.

Tune in to Episode 390 for a mix of music buzz, viral sensations, and important discussions on current events.

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